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2023 McMinnville Sustainable Arts Festival

McMinnville Recycled Arts and Sustainable Living Festival

Art that is upcycled from items that are usually discarded is lumped into the “recycled art”. A festival with art is a fun way for people to learn that not all items should be discarded into the landfills.

2023 Recycled Arts and Sustainable Living Festival

In the planning stages at this time, we are aiming for a one-day street fair Saturday, August 19th in downtown McMinnville on Cowls Street just off NE 3rd Street. Stay tuned here for updates and “like” the Facebook page that will be highlighting all artists as we get closer to the late summer event! We will be showcasing items for sale from over 40 regional artists who work with metal, fabric, wood, glass, and "odds and ends". Come see items that you can wear and things to decorate your home and yard. Also available will be about 10 vendors who bring you items for more sustainable living. These are personal care products as well as household cleaning solutions that are made with materials that are sustainably produced and/or packaged with materials that either are recyclable or compostable.

2022 Recycled Arts and Sustainable Living Festival

The second not quite annual festival was held June 4 and 5 at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds. Over 40 artists presented amazing items to the delight of all who attended. The festival expanded to include items that were produced and packaged more sustainably for personal and household use. The Plastics Project offered its second recycling event for plastic items that are not currently collected by our trash hauler. Zero Waste McMinnville also presented its Compostpalooza event Saturday and Edible Gardens of Yamhill County shared plant starts on Sunday.

2019 Recycled Arts Festival

Our first event was held inside the library on the Linfield campus. Over 40 artists and over 2000 people attended, making it an amazingly successful inaugural event!

Our mission is to lead by example to help McMinnville and Oregon become more
sustainable through pragmatic zero waste polices and civic engagement. 
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