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Our Vision

What is Zero Waste McMinnville?  

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Since 2014, our goal has been to make McMinnville  be the first city in Oregon to divert 90% of our waste from landfills by 2030. We envision ​ McMinnville as a sustainable community that provides programs and education to promote policies that eliminate waste. 

Zero Waste is a lifestyle that is ethical, economical, efficient, and visionary. It encourages people to change their thinking about how resources are used. It guides people to modify their lives and daily practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use.

​Zero Waste eliminates the volume of toxic waste and materials. It conserves and recovers resources, to not burn or bury them.

Implementing a Zero Waste lifestyle will eliminate all discharges to land, water or air that are a threat to planetary, human, animal or plant health.

​We provide educational and hands-on programs to organizations, schools, hospitals, events,  sponsors, and local government. We need our community to expand the Zero Waste message and programs. Join us on this sustainable and fulfilling life!

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